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I found a bunch of old RPG Maker games I had downloaded from years ago. They were backed up to a friends server and it turns out he kept a backup of these. I've decided to upload them here in an attempt to preserve them.

I haven't tested or played all of these.

List of games / systems

Uploaded on 18/03/2022

- cRaZy gUy's Journey

Uploaded on 01/09/2019

- Rusty's 2 Player Fantasy Battle
- Chimera Report (2002)
- Chrono Legends
- Donkey Kong Deluxe (DK DX)
- Dragon Ball Z Light of Fury Demo
- GW (GamingW, now called SaltWorld) Exclusive Platformer System
- KyrentProject
- Neues-KS, a very cool custom battle system
- Potty Wars (a guilty pleasure favourite of mine)
- Rm2kemon
- Rusty's - Fight for Freedom
- Rusty's Caterpillar System
- DarkPriest's Santa's Sled Racing
- shade_ent - Action Battle System

Uploaded on 24/12/2019

- Dragon Destiny (known for having 700+ dense maps / story)
- Dragonal Autumn Dragon
- Legend of the Philosopher's Stone
   - Story about teenagers being transported to a world of magic, seemingly inspired by Chrono Trigger and I remember it being very good.
- Rm2k Survivor NYSE V3
- Ultimate Tag From Hell - Mythril Edition -25%.zip
- Acetonic Mushrooms 2 - Episode 1
- Battle For Genesis Demo V1.0
- Mad0e
- Naufragar EX
- One Blob to rule them all 8.0
- Push!
- Rotten Apple Ninja Strikeforce '02 - RANS02
- Spire Battle R
- The Frozen World
- Zelda Wand of Averon
- Final Fantasy Time and Again

More found elsewhere:

Old Link: https://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/4667/


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2 Player Fantasy Battle.zip 1 MB
Chimera Report (2002).zip 1 MB
Chrono Legends.zip 14 MB
Donkey Kong Deluxe (DK DX).zip 2 MB
Dragon Ball Z Light of Fury.zip 1 MB
GW Exclusive Platformer Systerm.zip 1,015 kB
KyrentProject.zip 3 MB
Neues-KS.zip 2 MB
Potty Wars (2007 Doogie Fix Edition).zip 2 MB
Potty Wars.zip 2 MB
Rm2kemon.zip 1 MB
Rusty's - Fight for Freedom.zip 1 MB
Rusty's Caterpillar System.zip 462 kB
Santa's Sled Racing.zip 879 kB
shade_ent - Action Battle System.zip 2 MB
Dragon Destiny.zip 7 MB
dragonal_autumndragon_09-09-2003.zip 2 MB
Legend of the Philosopher's Stone.zip 31 MB
RM2k Survivor NYSE V3.zip 3 MB
Ultimate Tag From Hell - Mythril Edition -25%.zip 5 MB
Acetonic Mushrooms 2 - Episode 1.zip 2 MB
BattleForGenesisDemoV1.0.zip 815 kB
Mad0e.zip 983 kB
NaufragarEX.zip 9 MB
One Blob to rule them all 8.0.zip 3 MB
Push.zip 7 MB
RANS02.zip 4 MB
Spire Battle R.zip 5 MB
The Frozen World.zip 3 MB
Wand.of.Averon.zip 1 MB
Final Fantasy Time and Again.zip 99 MB
crazy_guy's journey.zip 13 MB